Work it Out!

Work Out Tips for 2015!

the prosperity promise work it out fitness afirmations and the law of attractionBeing in good physical condition not only helps you feel better, but it provides many mental benefits as well.  I have been there, done that, and I have been on the opposite end of the spectrum as well.  The bottom line is that you have to make exercise and eating a healthy diet a part of your routine.

Top Ten Tips

Allow yourself time to become your best in 2015.  Rather than diving in with both feet, take baby steps.  If you try and change everything all at once, it can be overwhelming and may cause you to quit.  I have struggled with an extra ten to twenty pounds my entire adult life, and I try to improve my situation every day.  Based on my own experience and tips I have heard from others, here are some steps:

  1. The Prosperity Promise Exercise motivation tips for 2014Exercise is the foundation of fitness – Both cardiovascular and strength training should be incorporated.  You don’t have to hire a personal trainer, but consider working with a professional to formulate a personalized workout plan.
  2. Consider taking a DNA test – This will determine the exact ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat you need. This is a quick and simple swab test that can be done through
  3. Drink lots of water throughout the day – It keeps you hydrated, helps fill you up, and is necessary for a well-functioning system.  Consider adding a tablespoon or two of apple cider vinegar to decrease the acidity in your system.
  4. Start the day with protein – At least fifteen grams and a big glass of water.
  5. Know WHY you want to lose weight and/or increase your fitness – If you don’t know the answer to this, it is almost certain you will revert back to your old ways by February.  Whether is it to be able to play sports with your children or to ward off disease, define a specific goal so you always have a purpose.
  6. Think outside the box of traditional exercise – There are all kinds of fun classes: Zumba, RIPPED, Pound, Insanity, Yoga, Pilates.  I take classes at my local recreation center.
  7. If you do splurge, plan it and time it – For example, if you make it through the entire week and feel good about your progress, go off your plan for one to two hours on Saturday night and eat what you want.  I’ve found that when it is planned and timed, it is much easier to get back on board the next day.
  8. Eliminate junk from your diet when you are on-plan – If you choose, you can have this during your two hour splurge.
  9. Live in the gray – Try not to see everything as black or white—perfect or imperfect.  This mentality will get you in trouble.  Eat everything vs. eating very little; exercise five times a week vs. no exercise at all.
  10. Track your daily progress – Use MyFitnessPal or any other number of online programs. Additionally, have a Polar or other device that tells your heart rate and calories burned.                                                                                                                                                                  

A positive mental attitude toward exercise and fitness will go a long way to helping you attain your goals. Rather than think, “I should go work out” use affirmations. “I feel great, this workout is going to make me feel even better!”

A slight change in your attitude will make a giant change in your life in 2015. “Work it out and I’ll see you in the gym!”

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