Five Steps for Overcoming Adversity

Before the Problem Occurs

Adversity is coming for all of us.  It doesn’t matter how rich, famous, or successful you are. Throughout our human life, we all face challenges.

Erik Weihenmayer’s Story

“What’s Within You is Stronger Than What’s in Your Way”

This is Erik Weihenmayer’s motto.  Erik, a blind adventurer, is the author of Touch the Top of the World and The Adversity Advantage.  He became blind at the age of 13 after a rare eye disorder took his sight.  He was depressed and trying to adjust to his disability when he saw Terry Fox, a leg amputee with cancer, on television who was running 2000 miles across Canada.  Talk about overcoming adversity! As Erik pressed his face against the television screen with very limited vision remaining only in his right eye, he was inspired to dig deep within himself to face his adversity head on.  Throughout his life, Erik has climbed the highest mountain on each continent, skydived, and recently finished a solo 22–day kayak journey down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  This, according to Erik, has been his scariest adventure yet.  Check it out:


Five Steps for Overcoming Adversity

  1. Know that adversity is coming – The human is yet to be born who lived their entire life without adversity.  I’m not saying to expect bad things to happen, but you should be prepared for any eventuality.
  2. When adversity strikes, take a moment – Take time to think about your available options.  There are usually many paths, think outside the box.
  3. Picture your situation as you want it – Visualize the situation and how you would like it to turn out.
  4. Be patient when faced with a challenge – Certain situations call for immediate action, but many times we should weigh the options over a period of time.  Usually time helps us make a better decision.
  5. Take positive action – After you have considered different options and taken time to think through the situation, it is time to take positive action.




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