About Dr. Deena Koessl

Dr Deena Koessl author of the prosperity promiseDr. Deena Koessl lives in Northern Colorado with her family and four dogs. She is a professor of education at the University of Northern Colorado. She is also a national presenter for a reading program and works for the Colorado Department of Education on various projects. During the holidays, she operates Alpine Toffee, her family-run candy business. Most recently, she published The Prosperity Promise, the description of the four-part process she has used for over twenty years to acquire material and non-material items.

The Story of The Prosperity Promise

“I distinctly remember the day I decided to write this book. It was cleaning day in October, 2013. I don’t enjoy cleaning, but I’m a neat freak (which presents a strange dichotomy: never wanting to clean but I am always doing it). Thinking of anything other than the task at hand, it occurred to me that I use a specific step-by-step process to get what I have in my life. At that moment it all became clear—I had taken the Law of Attraction and actively made it work for me. I created the name of the process, the Prosperity Promise, and the four steps—Picture, Patience, Persistence and Proof—before I had finished cleaning. Just as I had imagined the rest of my life into being, this book is the result of using the same four-step process.”

“My goal in writing this book is to provide a concise, usable guide to future prosperity, to put into words what I have been subconsciously creating for most of my adult life. Using real-life examples, I walk you through the four-step process so that you, too, can realize the potential of this amazing principle. As you take this journey with me, you will record information, including examples of objects or events you would like to have on the blank worksheets you can access on this site. Follow my instruction and let the Prosperity Promise work for you.”