The Prosperity Promise

Four Steps to a Better Life

The prosperity promise a New CarWelcome to The Prosperity Promise! In my book The Prosperity Promise, I have developed a process that will enable you to acquire anything you desire. Using my simple four step process, you will be empowered to achieve any goal you set for yourself!

  • Do you find yourself saying, “I can’t afford that” more often than not?
  • Do you think, “I would like a new car” yet nothing materializes?
  • Has, “I need to lose weight” been on your to do list for years?
  • Are you stuck in a rut at work?
  • Do have the fulfilling relationship that you deserve?

Sensational Results!

“I inadvertently began the process of manifesting when I was in college. After a long line of unambitious, demanding boyfriends who never had money to take me out, though were perfectly happy letting me pay for the date, I said, ‘Enough!’ At that moment, I wrote in my journal, ‘The next man I date will pay for everything, open my doors, and be as passionate about what he does as I am about fashion design.’ Sure enough, six months later, I met a man who fit and exceeded that description. We have been married for twenty-seven years. This stuff really works!” – Becky P.

The Law of Attraction

The Prosperity Promise Process

The prosperity promise exotic Poolside vacationThis guide reveals the secret in a simple four step process:

  1. Picture – Accomplishing anything begins with setting your goal. I will teach you to employ powerful visualization techniques that will start you on the path to success.
  2. Patience – In this step I teach you to refine your goal acquisition desires. I also give you techniques that enable you not to succumb to frustration and despair. The more complex or difficult your goal, the more important this step becomes.
  3. Persistence – I teach you to watch for certain signals, both internal and external. When they arrive – now is the time for action. Here I tell you how to move forward in accomplishing your goal.
  4. Proof – How do you know when you have achieved your goal? Some things, like the acquisition of a new car, are easy. Some, like relationship issues or career advancement, are more difficult to recognize. In Proof, I teach you a powerful validation technique to help you affirm your success!

You Can Change Your Life!

“My husband and I lived in Santa Barbara CA early in our marriage, paying $830 a month for an uninspiring apartment. Reluctantly, we relocated back to Ft. Collins where my husband got an engineering job. As is common practice in my life, I made a list of what I wanted in a house: old brick house by city park, paying half of what we paid in California. It took a month but one Saturday morning an ad came out in the paper reading, Cozy house by the park, $415 per month. That was our house for the next three years.”

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